What’s with the Colors?


The real truth? We couldn’t decide which color we liked best when the designer presented these vibrant options. Debating back and forth (author Maralys loved the coral while publisher Carolyn championed the bright green) we had a Eureka! moment — LET’S USE THEM ALL! Book jackets are usually printed in what’s called “four color process”. Because the strong and simple imagery of the waste basket and wadded up rejection letters could be printed in black ink, we could justify printing each 25% of the print run in one of the four colors. Books were then packed in cartons with an equal amount in each — they look terrific on the bookstore shelves.


One Response to What’s with the Colors?

  1. Kimberly Thomas says:

    I just received my Coral copy of Damn the Rejections today!

    The color is beautiful and indeed all colors are gorgeous!

    As a beginner writer I’m looking forward to reading a book that has been proven to help others accomplish their dreams.

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