“Maralys Wills, genre-hopper extraordinaire, will make you laugh and cry and laugh again in this gripping how-to handbook for writers everywhere. She is clearly a force to be reckoned with.”

— Sidney Sheldon
Bestselling Author

“Wills takes readers off the fast-paced freeway into the colorful scenery of bumpy but genuinely educational secondary roads to show them the realities of the highly competitive writing and publishing industry. The book is possibly one of the best professional road maps on the market.”

— Ray Newton
former National Coordinator for Reader’s Digest Writing Workshops

“Not only does Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead cover a lot of things I hadn’t seen in other books, but the anecdotes are engaging, and the prose is as clean as I can recall seeing. This is easily my favorite tome on writing, with the books by Stephen King and Ray Bradbury coming in right behind. Thank you, Maralys Wills, for writing this splendid little book. It was absolutely terrific, a breath of fresh air.”

— Andrew J. Rausch
author, nine non-fiction books on cinema

“No exaggeration: Because of Maralys Wills and Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead, I’ve stopped saying “I can’t” about writing, getting published, and a lot more. Maralys and her book have, truly now, changed my life.”

— Stephanie Edwards
Multiple Emmy-Winning Television/Radio Commentator

“Many authors have written wonderful guides about how to write – Ayn Rand and E. M. Forster come to mind – others have written books about how the publication process works – James A. Michener – and others have tried to separate life and writing into two parts of one book – Stephen King’s On Writing. All these books have value as a guide to writers, but none of them have so perfectly blended writing and publishing advice with autobiography.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar
Reader Views

“Solid, practical, realistic advice, packed with useful information and examples. Her informal style is inspiring, entertaining, and motivating.”

— Marylin Hudson
Orange Coast Magazine

“This is a must read for every writer, Maralys Wills’ book is both informative and entertaining.”

— Jerry D. Simmons
Former Time Warner Publishing Executive
Author, What Writers Need to Know About Publishing

Damn the Rejections is the antidote to the “I’ll never be published” blues. Read liberally and often. Overdose impossible.”

— Paula Berinstein
Producer and Host, The Writing Show

“I read Damn the Rejections in one sitting—not unusual if this were a novel, but it isn’t. It’s an instructional book on the art of writing. Rather than a dry treatise covering rules and regulations, it is a series of signposts to steer a would-be author through that deceptively simple minefield called creative writing. The book vibrates with the life and humor of a good memoir and, indeed, it is both a funny story and an excellent guide for storytellers. Besides enjoying a great read, new writers and those of us with frost on the temples, will benefit from the accumulated wisdom and knowledge set down in this book.”

— E. Ervin Tibbs
Author, Sunset Tomorrow

“Reading just a few lines of Maralys Will’s sparkling prose is enough to prove why she is the perfect person to advise others on the principles of writing. However, being unable to stop with those few lines you will be rewarded with a book that entertains while it educates. Having written memoir, thrillers, romance, and how-to’s, she covers the gamut of genres and styles. Learning a craft has never been so much fun.”

— Jan Murra
Author, Castoff

“As I read, each sentence compelled me to read the next, and before long I was completely lost in your wonderful book.”

— Sidney Sheldon
Bestselling Author

“For many years, I’ve wanted to write, but didn’t pursue it because “I’ll never get published.” Last month, I met Maralys, read Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead and wrote my first short story! Because of Maralys, I know how to stop saying “I can’t” about writing, publishing, and everything else. Damn the Rejections has changed my life.”

— Stephanie Edwards
Multiple Emmy-Winning Television/Radio Commentator

“When it comes to motivating authors, Maralys Wills certainly knows her subject. Her knowledge as a multi-published author, together with her unique style and ability to teach writing in a way that gets results is a gift few instructors possess. I am a former writing student, and never miss an opportunity to recommend her classes to new writers. Out of the twenty students enrolled in our class, nineteen have since become published. November, 2004 marks the publication of my twenty-fifth novel! I give a great deal of credit for my success to Maralys Wills. Any book she pens on the subject of writing is a book I will definitely buy!”

— Mindy Neff
Author, 25 books

“While I learned much from reading Damn the Rejections, Full Speed Ahead, I did not expect to be entertained so much by Wills’ vibrant voice, her enthusiasm, snippets of her dialogue with her husband, and to relate so well to her feelings about being rejected and the joy of finally having a book accepted. May Wills experience “Full Speed Ahead” in many writing and publishing ventures to come, and as would be her wish, so may her readers.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar
Reader Views

“With skill and grace, Maralys Wills showed me the power of self-editing. Without her, so many of us might never be published.”

— Barbara Benedict
Author, 15 books

“Maralys Wills gives you the gift of her experience. She will teach you and inspire you and give you the tools you need to survive the sometimes rough world of publishing.”

— Maureen Child
Author, 88 books

“Maralys gave me knowledge, encouragement, and friendship as I struggled toward publication. Because of her, my dreams became reality.”

— Rebecca Anderson
Author, 2 books

“Maralys Wills’ stimulating writing class was a springboard toward publication for me and many of my classmates, some of whom are best-selling authors today.”

— Helen Wingo
Author, 5 books

“Maralys Wills created a professional and comfortable atmosphere in her classroom, giving students an opportunity to learn and grow. Criticism was never allowed to be mean spirited. Ms. Wills’ writing knowledge went a long way in helping me reach my goals.”

— Linda Prine
Author, Lady Rebel

“As the first order of business, I took Maralys Wills’ writing class and got off to a great start.”

— Jackie Radoumis
Golden Heart Winner

“Maralys Wills’ guidance has been imperative to my writing career. Her unique ability to teach, along with her knowledge as a multi-published author, got results in her classes. Nineteen published authors. As a student, she kept me focused with her positive encouragement. She didn’t just grade my work; she critiqued, edited and, most importantly, praised it. A book by Maralys Wills on the subject of writing is a must!”

— Patricia Thayer
Author, 21 books

“Thank you very much for your wonderful book Damn the Rejections–Full Speed Ahead.

In writing this “fan-letter” it seems presumptuous, and way too familiar to start off with the word “dear” but the blame must be cast at your feet.

Your book was written in such an intimate, frank, and personable way, that as I found myself lost between its pages (oblivious to the mechanics of reading), it was as if I were in a room, perhaps one of your classes, and was receiving a live presentation. Your work was–and is–so endearing, accessible, full of passion and wisdom and hard-earned insight, that this happens to be one of the few times that prefacing a letter to a stranger with the word “dear” seemed warranted for far more important reasons than simply good form.

Having read many books on the craft, including King’s On Writing and just now finishing up Sol Stein’s incredible book Stein On Writing,  I can honestly say that yours can be held high with the best of them.

Before picking up your book at the Barnes & Noble in Lakewood, Washington, I had not experienced your work or had any familiarity with your name–nor had any of my writing buddies.

They do now.

Certainly with your well-deserved plugs from so many accomplished writers, not to mention your own long and professional history, the truth of your talent, as a writer and teacher, is of no surprise. But still, I wanted to write you a fan-letter, anyway, and tell you that finding your work, reading it in detail, has been a joy, a totally edifying and encouraging and eye-opening endeavor on multiple levels.

Your book did contain a few glitches (most do), and I trust that with its second printing, and then on into its twenty-third–those will get culled out.

If it were available, I’d love to be in your class. No doubt, many who read your book are going to have the same reaction. You helped make the craft live by presenting it on the silver platter of your life.

Those within my circle have been hearing praises about your work, and more than one have purchased their own and are already giving me feedback as to how much it is blessing them. (Neener-neener. How’s that for vicariously taking advantage of your hard work…but I can’t help it. I feel as if I discovered something wonderful. A shame that stores don’t do more to market, or profile some of the absolute gems that come across their shelves.)

Thank you again for the time, the knowledge, and the heart that you invested into this incredible work, which I’m sure is but a pale reflection of what you pour into your live classes.

If it doesn’t make it onto the best seller lists, know for a certainty, it did make my list of best-buys, and I’ll be continuing spreading the word.

Note: I’m a 41-year-old male, father of five, and a writer of dark and speculative fiction who cannot stand romance novels. Normally, if asked, even after looking at your book’s front and back cover, I would have said that I wasn’t your audience. What happened? I read your first sentence … then the next. That first page.

And the next…and didn’t want to stop. Had to buy it, and all the way through, till the very last page, never lost my enthusiasm.

Now, really, how often can any writer say they’ve accomplished such a feat?


– Rob M. Miller

“A teacher beyond compare, what Maralys doesn’t know about writing, hasn’t been written. If you are looking to make the leap from amateur to published writer, then Maralys Wills will take you there.”

— Sandy Novy Chvostal
Author, 9 books



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